What is Nollypop?

Nollypop is a brand formed by Becci Clark, a musician by night and boutique babe during the day!  
The name "Nollypop" came from her humble start as a Stay-at-Home mom with an idea.....designing hair bows for her tiny daughter.  
As the business grew it needed a name...at the time baby Grayson was around 2 years old...she couldn't quite pronounce her "L" sounds just yet....so a conversation went like this...
"Momma, I "nove" you, can I please have a nollypop?"  
It was just too precious and that's where the boutique's unique name came from :)
Now Nollypop has four Vintage Camper Boutiques in the DC/Northern Virginia area....and ONLINE!!
If you're a music fan, our online shop for you! 

We love all things Rock/Pop//Country/HipHop/Hippie....if it's music and concerts we love it!  

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